Ptolus 4E

Ptolus Session Seven and Eight

Session 7

Everyone Played 470 xp Each

Session 8

Everyone but Marc Played

Marc gets half xp for the session and the quest xp for obtaining the Vial from Shilukar

232 xp for Marc

397 Xp for everyone else. (That’s slightly more than I told you last night)

In session 7 and 8 you delved into Shilukar’s Lair. It was defended by a tribe of gnolls and two very large demonic Blue Gnolls. You had been hearing rumors of Blue Gnolls being spotted around the city, so this must be where they came from. Shilukar had some kind of evil gnoll idol that was allowing him to both summon and control the gnolls. Shilukar was experimenting with Chaositech. A form of organic technology created by the Galchutt, the evil demons who once ruled over the area that is now Ptolus. Shilukar was creating monstrosities, such as winged spiders and rat-men with spider legs on their backs in his lab using Chaositech. He was being hunted by someone because of his experiments, though you don’t know who. He wanted to be able to live in Castle Shard so he would have protection from whoever was hunting him. After a pitched battle, you were able to defeat Shilukar and acquire the elixir to restore Zavere’s friend, Lord Abbercombe. When Shilukar died, strange “growths” covered his body and his body disappeared leaving only his clothes and items. Zavere was very pleased rewarding you with 3000 gp and giving each of you a friendship band. The friendship band allows you to pass through the wards surrounding the castle, so you can now enter and leave without being invited or escorted. (Marc I believe the group decided that your share of the 3000gp was 300, since you participated in half the adventure.)

The evil Gnoll Idol is still in his lair you might want to do something about that.

Over the next few days, while shopping resting, and training if you went up a level, you all had very disturbing dreams about 3 swords and a scraggly looking man. Soon after, You were contacted by Mand Scheben, the high priest of Asche, God of cities. He has been having the same dreams, except his dreams also include your group. He said that the swords are a prophecy from Ptolus itself. (Mand believes cities to be living organisms.) The man in the dream is Spyncer Coil, and Mand believes him to be a prophet of Asche. He asked you to find the swords. He said that Asche is not a gentle god and that if the swords and Spyncer were not found the dreams may become more and more disturbing. (Mand looked pretty haggard himself.) He also said that is Spyncer is most likely disturbed because of the visions from Asche.

Investigating Spyncer you found out that he was formerly a blacksmith who worked for the Iron Workers Guild. He had been found wandering the streets babbling about swords nearly two years ago. He was committed to the Darkbirth Madhouse for almost a year until Kalbert Nom a somewhat famous weaponsmith, secured his release. When you investigated Kalberts house you found him dead and his shop had been ransacked. You then spoke with Veda Medaris, the guild master of the Iron Workers guild. She confirmed a lot of what you knew about Spyncer and said that he and Kalbert were working on three magic swords that Spyncer had seen in a vision. Veda thought the whole thing was a load of crap until Rhunien Hand, a very scary individual, came looking for Spyncer, Kalbert, and the swords. Spyncer has another acquaintance, Lirion Voss, who is a member of the Pale Dogs street gang. She believes that Spyncer may have killed Kalbert and fled to the Pale Dogs. After some investigation, you learned that the Pale Dogs have recently been sticking to their home turf, the Warrens, and Lirion Voss has not be seen outside the Warrens in a few days. You also heard rumors that the Pale Dogs recently robbed a weaponsmith or maybe a blacksmith.

Cheva checked with his contacts in that Vai about Rhunien Hand. They said that Rhunien is, in fact, very dangerous. He’s a a vampire who often does work for the Balcazar crime family. The Vai also said that the Sorn, a group of magical assassains who work for the Kilraven crime league, are also looking for the swords.