Ptolus 4E

Ptolus Session Six

Everyone played in this session. You got 457 xp each.

You went back to confront the Half-orc crime boss, Linech, and to recover the statue of Lord Abbercombe. You were without Linech’s daughter or the demon possessed watch, which is what he really wanted. Not surprisingly, he refused to pay you. Also not surprise, this started a fight. You defeated Linech and his bodyguards and thanks to some quick thinking on Cheva’s part you avoided fighting the rest of the guards.

On the way out, Linech’s Shivvel addicted sister threatened to have her boyfriend a powerful dark elf wizard name Shilukar take revenge on you.

Zavere and Rill were very pleased to have their friend back and you celebrated long into the night.

Later that night on your way home you encountered a group of ogres carrying a large chest. The ogre, being ogres, attacked you out of hand to defend their chest.

After defeating them, you discovered that the chest was a demon possessed box which can only be opened if you know the name of the demon.

After a few inquiries you found out that there may be a key that will open the chest. Neveran’s All Key is said to be an artifact that will open anything. Through research, you discovered that the key was last known to be in possession of the Cult of the Crimson Coil, who had taken up residence in an old Brothel known as he Pythoness House. The Knights of the Pale raided Pythoness House two years ago and chased out the cult but did not do any further investigations of the house. The reports from the Knights of the Pale stated they did not pull out any significant artifacts. It seems likely that if the cult had the Key then it is still in Pythoness House, somewhere. Both the Adventurer’s guild and the Knights of the Pale still consider Pythoness House to be very dangerous.

In the meantime, Zavere summoned you back to Castle Shard. It has proved impossible so far for Rill to free Lord Abbercombe from his paralysis. (Lord Abbercombe has always been a golden statue, apparently, he was just mobile before.) The Dark Elf wizard Shilukar contacted Zavere and offered to free Abbercombe from his paralysis, if he were allowed to come live in Castle Shard under the protection of Zavere and Rill. Zavere surmises that Shilukar must have powerful enemies that he needs to get away from. Zavere does not wish to have the dark elf living in Castle Shard,but due to his curious senses of honor, he is unwilling to hire you to simply go kill Shilukar. He did mention that he and Rill would be “very appreciative” if someone were to recover the way to free Lord Abbercombe. He also mentioned that there is already a reward of 1000 gold for Shilukar.

You went back to Linech’s hideout, to find that it had mostly been burned down by the Balcazar crime family. You found Linech’s sister, who was more than willing to spill her guts about Shilukar, who had spurned her. Shilukar’s hideout is underneath an abandoned lot in the Guildsman district. It can be entered from the lot or from an entrance in the sewers.