Ptolus 4E

Session 38

Everyone played in this session.

Each character receives 2533 xp. That includes the xp for completing your current quest.

Ag 18 continued their exploration of the fortress of Goth Gulgamel, in search of the portal to Dreta Phantas and hot on the heels of a group of Mind Flayers who had invaded the fortress.

The group encountered a being known as a “Soul Rider.” Soul Riders have no corporeal form but are able to possess people and control their actions. The being said that the soul riders lived in Goth Gulgamel, but that they were deathly afraid of the Mind Flayers. The Soul Rider told the group how to find the room with the portal that lead to the Dreta Phantas. The soul rider did not seem particularly good or evil but the rumors of the Soul Rider in Ptolus imply that they are usually up to no good. Many of the more powerful individuals in Ptolus are aware of the Soul Riders and use special magic items to prevent possession.

Exploring further, AG18 entered a large cavern that had become part of the elemental plane of fire. The group battled their way through salamanders and fire elementals to reach the other side. Two passageways led off from the cavern. One to the north, the way the soul rider had told them led to the portal, and one to the south, which appeared to contain a Banewarrens Vault.

AG18, being experts on the Banewarrens vaults at this point, saw that the vault was an imitation of a real Banewarrens vault. Deciding to enter it anyway, the group discovered three unusual magic items: The utterdark lenses, a tablecloth that aids in negotiations, and a window that casts feather fall on anyone who jumps out of it.

Continuing to the north, over paths made of humanoid bones, the group came upon a room containing a statue of a titan. The Mindflayer leader and his Drow and Drider thralls were waiting and a massive battled ensued. Defeating the monsters and activating the portal using the idol of the titan they had found earlier, the group was transported to where the Utheron Adar waited. Here a second portal was opened to transport them to Dreta Phantas and the Dream King.

Cheava explained to the Dream King the problem of his sister’s memory. The Dream King found this to be very interesting. He explained how Dreta Phantas was built to house the soul of the world, in order to keep the evil Galchutt trapped in their prison. (Their prison being the entire world of Pramel.) Before the Elder Gods could transfer the soul of the world to Dreta Phantas, the Drow assault stole away the city and trapped it in the Underdark.

In order to restore Callista’s memory the Dream King needs two artifacts, the Dreaming Stone, and the Cask of Frozen Dreams. These are also the two artifacts he needs to break the Drow magic that holds Dreata Phantas trapped in the Underdark. He surmised that it as not a coincidence that AG 18 had been led here to him, and that it would be of mutual benefit for Callista’s memories to be restored.

The Dream King told the group that the Dreaming Stone is located in a cavern beneath Ptolus and the Drow and built a city to defend it.

He was under the impression that the Cask of Frozen dreams was in the Banewarrens. Since AG 18 did not find it in their exploration of the Banewarrens, either it was removed before they could find it or it is located somewhere else. He promised to have the Urthon Adar begin searching for where it may be located.

AG 18 now has a new quest to retrieve the Dreaming Stone from the underdark beneath Ptolus.