Ptolus 4E

Session 37

Everyone played in this session. (Including Symba!)

1734 XP each.

Symba acquired a Cloak of Survival +3

Ag 18 began exploring the ancient fortress of Goth Gulgamel, in search of the portal to Dreta Phantas. The fortress appeared to have been sealed at some point but had been broken open in the recent past. The Elder elf had warned the group that some of the more powerful evil beings of Ptolus now used it as a hideout.

Entering the fortress, AG 18 discovered two groups of monsters, both being led Mind Flayers, who were searching the fortress. What they are looking for has not been discovered.

After dispatching he second group, AG 18 found a small idol of a Titan. On closer examination the idol appears that it might be some kind of key or possibly used in a ritual of some sort.

You DID NOT rest after this session.