Ptolus 4E

Session 36

Everyone but Symba played in this session.

In addition to the xp from encounters AG 18 completed 2 quests. Rescuing Callista from the Cruciform Prison and Cardalian the halfling who had been replaced by a shapeshifted demon.

2400 XP each.

In this session, Ag 18 continued their hit and run rescue of Callista from the Cruciform prison. The group dispatched a fearsome Snake-man sorcerer and his demonic minions who were guarding Callista. On the way out they defeated another group of demons who blocked their path.

Returning to the Pythoness House in Ptolus, AG 18 discovered that Callista had no memories from before being brought to the Dark Reliquary by the demons. She did not even remember her brother Cheva. She was inclined to believe this fact however, in addition to her and Cheva’s uncanny resemblance, AG 18 had just braved the Dark Reliquary to rescue her. Callista seems surprisingly well adjusted for having grown up in a prison full of demons and undead.

Ellanna, Aurora, Apostle were able to determine that a powerful enchantment had been placed on Callista but anything more was beyond their magical abilities. The Demons of the Dark Reliquary seemed to think that Callista knew some kind of powerful secret, but they were never able to break the enchantment.

AG 18 sought out Rill, the sorceress of Castle Shard, in order to find out more about the enchantment on Callista. Rill was able to determine that it was not an enchantment, but that Callista had been spoken to by the Elder Gods. This communion was so powerful that she no longer remembers what the Gods told her or anything about her life before that.

Rill suggested that it might be possible for Callista to access her memories in a dream and that the Dream King might be able to help.

The Dream King is the legendary ruler of the elven city of Dreta Phantas. May thousands of years ago, the elder elves, of which all the current elven races are descended from, fought a war with their dark kin, the Drow. The Drow assaulted Dreta Phantas, the great Elven city, but were never able to break the magical defenses. In an act that stunned the elves, the Drow used a powerful magical ritual to transport Dreta Phantas into the Drow kingdoms in the Underdark. According to legend, The Dream King is trapped inside Dreata Phantas to this day using the cities magical defense to keep the Drow at bay.

Rill informed AG 18 that the mysterious knights know as the Urthon Aedar are actually the last surviving elder elves and that they may know a way to contact the Dream King.

At this point, Zavere, the other Lord of Castle shard led in one of the Urthon Aedar. The Urthon Aedar revealed himself to be an elder elf. He explained that Guhl, the skull king, had cursed all elder elves with visions of the future, in order to see their own doom. This backfired as the elder elves all foresaw Ghul’s death and not their own. Despite this, the elder elves were nearly wiped out, most of them becoming the cursed harrow elves. The few reaming elder elves became the Urthon Adar and use their visions of the future to fight the minions of the Galchutt.

This particular elder elf received a vision of the future that showed him here in castle shard at this time. He explained that the Urthon Adar have a portal that can transport AG 18 to Dreta Phantas, so they may converse with the Dream King. Unfortunately, the portal is located in the heart of Goth Gulgamel, Ghul’s ancient fortress, located halfway up the Spire.

The Urthon Adar warned AG 18 that Goth Gulgamel is used a a base by some of the most powerful evil beings in Ptolus and that the journey to the portal would not be easy.