Ptolus 4E

Session 35

Everyone but Symba played in this session.

You got 1320 xp each.

AG 18 recovered from their adventurers in the Banewarrens and spent some well earned loot. The necessity of closing the Banewarrens had taken the group away from their original quest, finding Cheva’s sister, Callista. Navanna Vladaam has informed the group that Callista is being held in the Cruciform prison beneath the Dark Reliquary. The same prison that AG 18 themselves escaped from in their very first adventure.

Ag 18 gathered as much information as they could about the Dark Reliquary and headed back into the secret passage they had used to escape months earlier. Fighting their way through the demons and devils that inhabit the Dark Reliquary , AG 18 discovered that Callista was being held in a room near the Cruciform prison.