Ptolus 4E

Session 34

Everyone but Symba played in this session.

Symba gets 1340 xp for his part in completing the Banewarrens and Sword of Truth Quests.

Everyone else gets 3100 xp, which includes the XP for the two quests.

AG 18 started by finally facing the Church of Lothian team that had been sent in to retrieve the Sword of Truth. Not giving the Lothian team any quarter, AG 18 attacked and dispatched the Avenger, Priest, and 2 of the Paladins in the team. The remaining Paladin and their old friend Kalrecent surrendered rather than fight AG 18 any longer. The adventurers allowed the Lothian team to retrieve the bodies of the Priest and the Paladins for resurrection but not the Avenger. Symba and Gary the construct escorted the two surviving Paladins to the surface with the bodies.

AG18 then climbed into the very top of the Baneheart and discovered a huge vault. The group used the Banewarrens key and a giant damaged construct to open the vault. Once the vault was open, the fallen angel, Malificent, shouted in triumph. The angel had been trapped in the vault by contingency spells that were triggered upon the Dread Lords death. Not only was he trapped in the vault but he was also imprisoned in within a magical black egg within the vault. He had been able to escape the egg in the intervening years but not the vault. The Angel used his influence over the creatures of the Banewarrens to damage the warding generator. This allowed the Pactlords to find a way in.

AG18 entered the vault and faced the Fallen Angel, a Draconian, and a group of Wyverns. The arduous fight led to the near death of Yarkblar and Apostle but the Angel was defeated. Among other treasure, AG18 recovered the sealing rod and the last piece of the staff of shards. The group returned to Ptolus and used the sealing rod to seal the Banewarrens. AG18 the used the power of the staff of shards to destroy the sealing rod, the banewarrens key, and the staff itself, ensuring that the Banewarrens remain forever sealed.

As a result of their adventurers, AG18 is now both rich and for better or worse, famous.