Ptolus 4E

Session 33

Everyone played but Symba and Aurora.

Aurora was proxied so she gets half xp.

Aurora gets 1050 xp.

Everyone else gets 2463 xp each.

AG 18 was contacted by Sharah Nestor, a Holy Avenger of Lothian. She used a sending to inform the group that she wants the Sword of Truth. She stated she would not ambush them and offered to meet them outside the room where the sword was found. Before she could finish the sending was cut off with Sharah exclaiming “Oh No! They wouldn’t dare!” All of the doors in the Baneheart (and presumably the rest of the banewarrens) slammed shut and were unable to be opened. The warding generator also began to hum loudly. This continued for a few minutes and then everything went back to normal. As near as the group could tell, someone had just tried to seal the Banewarrens without the use of the sealing rod, and it failed.

Sharah contacted he group again saying the Inverted Pyramid had just tried to seal the Banewarrens, and to bring the sword to her immediately or she would hunt the group down.

Ag18 ignored this sillyness and continued to explore the Baneheart, in search of the Sealing Rod and the two remaining pieces of the staff of Shards.

Coming to what appeared to be the top of the Baneheart, AG 18 discovered the site of the Final Battle between the Dread Lord and the ancient heroes who battled him thousands of years ago. At the battle site, AG 18 was set upon by a horde of specters, remnants of the Dread Ones dark soul. Defeating the undead, the group discovered a piece of the sealing rod.

Exploring further AG 18 was attacked by a Red Dragon! One of the leaders of the Pactlords of Quan, who have come to the Banewarrens to claim the evil magic items within. After a furious battle with the Dragon and his Bugbear Assassin companion AG 18 rested for the night, making preparations to misdirect the Lothian Avenger still on their trail.