Ptolus 4E

Ptolus Session 16

All Players played in this session. Everyone received 830 xp each.

The group continued their exploration of the Banewarrens. Encountering some kind of troll-like creature that could become ethereal. While fighting this creature, the adventures were nearly ambushed by another group of explorers from the Pactlords of Quaan. A Minotaur, Lamia, and goblins put the group through the ringer. The Lamia, being a swarm-type creature again proved to be a most difficult foe.

Further exploration revealed a series of vaults, most of which were empty but two appeared to have once contained Tavin Zith and the Ethereal Troll.

Quest Note Jevica Nor hired the group to find out where Tavin Zith came from, if the Banewarrens had been opened, and who had opened them. All three of these things have now been completed.

Further exploration led the group to find another Lamia who was attempting to hide in a pit nearby. The Lamia used some kind of magic item to summon a storm elemental but it wasn’t enough to save the creature from destruction.

Due to the numerous swarm creatures encountered, the group is interested in acquiring some bombs, choasitech or otherwise. Also any magic items with blast/burst powers would help. Here are some bombs you can get in Ptolus. A standard power bomb costs 150 gp and has the following stats:

  • Power Bomb
  • Dex vs Reflex
  • Move Action to Light; Standard Action to Throw
  • Burst 1
  • Hit:3d6 Damage Miss:No Damage

Choasitech bombs are deadlier but much harder to acquire.