Ptolus 4E

Ptolus Session Ten

Everyone but Symba Played.

756 Xp Each.

Symba gets 100 xp for his part in retrieving the swords.

With much preparation, you were able to set up an ambush for Ruhnihan and the Skulks. Somehow Ruhnian was able to spot someone and a battle over the swords ensued. Through clever use of sovriegn glue and the willingness to sacrifice himself for the sword, Yark was able to wrest Deceit away from Rhunihan. You were able to defeat Runihan, drive off the remaining skulks and acquire Power.

Unfortunatley, Symba was not their to help. He had been captured by Navaanna Vladaam, who is looking to get back her chest that was being delivered to her by some ogres. Symba has little love for the Vladaam’s but Navanna used power socery to pry the information from Symba and find out where you were.

At first, Navanna seemed happy to simply get her good back, until one of her servants noticed the sword, Deceit still glued to Yark’s hands. Another battle commenced over the swords. You were able to defeat Navanna and her werewolves, but Navanna escaped.

Mand Scheben, who originally told you about the swords, is very pleased that the swords have been recovered. He says that the swords choose their own wielders and that they seem to have found suitable owners for the moment.