Ptolus 4E

Ptolus Session Nine

Everyone but Cheva played in this adventure.

You got 544 xp each.

The loot had never been split up from Session 7 so Eric you have 615 more gold.

In this session you had decided to confront Lorion Voss at his home to see what he knew about Spyncer Coil, Kalbert Nom, and the Swords of Ptolus.

As you approached the house you saw a large number of Pale Dog thugs including two Dragonborn mercenaries. You were able to draw off two of them with the clever ruse, “Sorry wrong turn.” This ruse did not work a second time however, as the Dragon born breathed fire on everyone and started a general melee. After defeating the thugs you entered the house to discover Lirion Voss and Spyncer Coil himself, who was wielding one of the swords! Lirion shouted at you to leave saying the Balcazars were one their way to buy the sword. Before you could react, Spyncer ran him through with the sword saying that the Balcazars would not get his creation. Yark then proceeded to put Spyncer in a martial arts hold and the sword seemed to slip from Spyncer’s grasp. Apostle picked up the sword and it intermediatly began speaking to her telepathically. It stated that it was the sword “Insight” whose goal was to reveal the secrets of Ptolus. Before you could come to grips with an intelligent sword you heard screaming outside and a flaming pale dog stumbled in through the front door.

Fearing the Balcarzars had arrived you went out to face them only to discover 4 mages of the Sorn assassins guild. After a pitched battle with the mages, you retreated to the Ghostly Minstrel to recover and decide what to do next. Spyncer, in a moment of clarity, told you that the two other swords are known as “Power” and “Deciet.” He said that the Skulks had taken Power and cryptically, said that Deceit cannot be found.

The skulks are somewhat of an “urban legend” in Ptolus. No one knows if they were once people who were cursed or some kind of magical being. All that is known is that that are very hard to see, extremely stealthy, and act as spies for hire in Ptolus. At this point you decided that Mand Scheben, high preist of Asche, might be able to help. Mand did know more of the skulks and was very pleased that you had recovered one of the swords and Spyncer. He was able to put you in touch with a Skulk.

The Skulk, known as Shim, told you that he did not know where Deceit was but he did know who had it. Rhunihan, the vampire bounty hunter, currently has Deceit. Deceit’s power prevents it’s owner from being detected by magic so he would be very difficult to find. Shim said he did not know where Power was either but he knew where it would be soon. A group of Skulks has Power and they are planning to sell it to Rhunihan tomorrow night at a warehouse near the Docks.

You have begun making preparations to intercept one or both of the swords.