Ptolus 4E

Ptolus Session Four

Everyone played but Cheava. You got 526 xp each.

You heard rumors about a dark elf named Shilukar who is robbing houses in the noble quarter.

There seems to be an increase in the number of Shivvel addicts on the streets. You saw a rally by the republican movement, who want Ptolus to become an independent republic separate from the Empire.

The rally was led by Helmut Islestien, a priest of the watcher of the skies religion.

Someone at the Ghostly Minstrel mentioned seeing Blue Gnolls in Midtown. This person was thought to be drunk.

Someone hired a local thug, Tordian Cran to kill Apostle’s friend Phon Quatermain. Tordian farmed the job out to some other local thugs, who hired the Pale Dogs street gang. You were not able to find out who hired Tordian. The name he used was a fake.

Reward from the Malkuth:

Symba – Battle Axe +1 Aposlte – Holy Symbol 0f Radience +1 Yarkblar – Battle Forge Cloth Armor +1 Ellanna – Cherubim Armor +1 Cheava – Boots of Spider Climbing

You group is starting to build a small reputation with the residents of midtown.