Ptolus 4E

Ptolus Session Five

Everyone played in the fun filled New Years Day D&D extravaganza! Including our new Halfling Rogue, Shaena.

Everyone got 500xp.

You were contacted by Mand Sceben, a friend of Yarkblar, and high priest of Asche, god of cities. Mand put you in touch with his friends, the lords of Castle Shard.

Castle Shard is an oddity is Ptolus, it is older than the city and the lords of Caslte Shard do not recoginze the authority of the current government. The magical shard within the castle givces the lords incredible magic power. The lords act in what they think is the best interest of castle shard. The current lords are Lady Rill a former Paladin, now a sorceress and Zavere, a former Blackguard.

Zavere wanted you to go and take a job being offered Linech Cran, a minor crime lord and brother of Tordian Cran, who you disposed of in your last adventure.

Linech wanted you to recover his daughters coffin from a sunken ship in the bay.

At Linech hideout you found that he had a large gold statue in his office and that one of the buildings is guarded by gnolls, who seems to come and go without anyone seeing.

You discovered that Linech’s Daughter had become an undead creature not unlike a vampire. A demonic possessed pocket watch stored in the coffin had brought her back. The pocket watch also held the secret to making “shivvel” the highly addictive drug being sold in Ptolus.

You brought both the watch and Linele to Zavere and Rill at Castle Shard. With their advice you gave Linele to the Society of Redemption and the watch to the Malkuth.

Zavere has offered to pay you to recover the gold statue from Linech’s office, which he believes is his friend, Lord Abbercombe.