Ptolus 4E

Ptolus Session 25

At the end of this session, it is the 13 of Wind.

Everyone played but Cheava. Cheava was played as an NPC so he gets half xp. Cheava gets 746 xp. Everyone else gets 1680 xp. (I think that’s slightly higher than the amount I gave you last week.)

Ag 18 continued their pursuit of the Pactlord team lead by the Beholder. They emerged into the the room with the Vault Door leading t0 the inner vaults of the Banewarrens to discover a battered and broken “Gary.” Gary told the group that the Pactlords had passed through the Vault door, but he had managed to close it afterwards. Ag 18 used the banewarrens key to open the vault and prepared to face the pactlords. When the Vault opened, “Gary” shape shifted into an Orge Mage! The Beholder and his 2 wyverns attacked from their hidden spot near the ceiling. (Thanking the adventurers for opening the inner vaults and laughing like Jabba the Hutt.)

Despite disintegrations and death rays, AG 18 was able to prevail over the pactlords. Rather than venture deeper into the warrens the group decided to rest and check the vaults they had passed by in their pursuit of the beholder. They discovered a suit of armor haunted by an ancient evil warlord, a skull that allows communication with evil gods, a particularly strong poison, the hand of a lich,a disk that disintegrates both target and user, and a knife that turns anyone killed by in into a Vairgoulle.

The group then ventured into the Inner Vaults, expecting the worst. The very first room was inhabited by a pair of black puddings which were dispatched with some difficulty.