Ptolus 4E

Ptolus Session 24

Everyone played and you got 1250 Xp each.

You have one outstanding quest from Jevica Norr of the Inverted Pyramid. She has offered to pay you 5000 gp each to discover how to seal up the Banewarrens forever. (With the recovery of the dagger, Yaelsha from the pactlords and the information from Gary the metal man, you have probably completed this.)

Apostle, Symba, and Yark informed the church of Lothian about Brother Heth and his involvement with the Pactlords. Thr church has asked you to recover the “Sword of Lies” from the Banewarrens. The church believes that the sword of lies is actually the sword of truth, a powerful artifact of Lothian. The sword is rumored to be stored in the inner vaults of the Banewarrens. The church offered to pay you 20,000 gp to recover the sword.

While all this was going on, you had left Gary the metal man with the Shuul to be repaired. Once he was repaired, he took it upon himself to return to his duties in the Banewarrens, despite the Shuul’s opinions to the contrary. Gary returned to the Banewarrens with the Shuul not far behind. When they reached the Banewarrens they were set upon by a new group of Pactlords, led by a Beholder. You found out about all this mostly from the horrendous amount of gunfire that occurred when the Shuul encountered the Beholder.

AG 18 investigated and discovered that the Pactlords have captured Gary and are going to attempt the penetrate the inner vaults. You followed the pactlords deeper into the Banewarrens encountering Wisps, Gorillons, and firelasher elementals, before having to stop and rest.