Ptolus 4E

Ptolus Session 23

Everyone played in this session.

You received 1590 XP each. That includes the quest xp for finding the Banewarrens key.

You received another quest in the session. Jevica Norr would like you to continue to investigate the banewarrens and hopefully find the pieces of the staff of shards as well as the sealing rod so the Banewarrens can be sealed permanently. She would like to meet with you in a week see what you have found out. She offered to pay you 5000 gp each depending on how much progress you make.

You negotiated with Navanna Vladaam for her freedom. She agreed to tell you where Cheva’s sister was, to write a writ that will get the watch off your back and as an added incentive not to kill her, “other information that pertains to the banewarrens.” She would only provide this last bit of info after she was let free.

Cheava’s sister, according to Navanna, is being held in the Dark Reliquary. Lilith, the succubus, thinks she knows some important information.

Cheva and Symba proceeded to mull this over at the Ghostly Minstrel while the rest of the group went to Rivergate to discuss the Banewarrans key with Brother Heth.

Navanna was true to her word and provided some important information to Cheva. Brother Heth is actually a member of the Pactlords of Quan, and is seeking the Banewarrens key for himself.

Rushing out the door, Cheva and Symba arrived just in time to help the rest of the group fight of a group of pactlords that attacked them at the rivergate temple.

Investigating the temple further you discoverd that it had been used as a base of operations by the pactlords. Ultimately you confronted Brother Heth, a Naga, and a Basilisk in the Belfrey of the temple. The belfrey had been converted into some kind of lab with 2 choasitech machines.

After defeating the pactlords, you discovered that Heth had a magical dagger that spoke to you. The dagger is one of the 3 pieces of the staff of shards. (The dagger has a much longer story to tell but that will be in the next session.)

The Swords of Ptolus are very pleased by the recent turn of events. All three swords are happy that the Pactlords (at least this group) has been defeated. The swords consider the pactlords “invaders” to Ptolus.

Power liked the heroic “nick-of-time” rescue of your comrades. (Power likes to be heroic and deeat enemeies)

Insight likes that fact that you have found both the banewarrens key and a piece of the staff of shards. (Insight likes to discover secrets.)

Deceit is pleased that you are using it to hide the banewarrens key, which is much desired by many people at this point. (Deceit likes to keep things hidden.)

The swords are now providing the following additional powers.

Insight now adds +2 to Will Defense instead of +1. You may also now use the “Consult Oracle” ritual once per day instead of the “Consult Mystic Sages” Ritual.

Power now adds +2 to fortitude Defense instead of +1. Once per day power will give you an additional action just as if you had spent an action point.

Deceit now adds +2 to reflex Defense instead of +1. Deciet also now had the following daily power.

  • Move Action
  • Teleport 5 Squares and become invisible till the start of you next turn.