Ptolus 4E

Ptolus Session 22

Everyone but Symba gets 1098 xp each. Symba gets 488 since he was played as an NPC.

You decided to go ahead and kill Navanna Vladaam, at least temporarily, since that seemed the easiest way to carry her around without her teleporting away. You discverd that Navanna had been speaking to Geristranomos, a clockwork man. Geristranomos had been built by Danar to perform maintenance on the Banewarrens. During the earthquake that created the spire, he was trapped in the room you found him. “Geri” knows a lot about the Banewarrens so you decided to take him with you.

Continuing you exploration you encountered mechanical scorpions in one of the vaults and recovered quite a trove of evil magic weapons. On the way out you defeated a second team from the Pactlords of Quan who were searching the Banewarrens, now that the outer vaults have been opened.

You placed Navanna’s body in a trunk, preserved with gentl repose and stored the trunk at Castle Shard. Zavere seemed highly amused by this and promised to look after the trunk for you.

You rested for the night and it is now the 8th of Wind.

The magic weapons you took to the Dark Market sell for 720 gp total.