Ptolus 4E

Ptolus Session 21

Game Time: 6th and 7th of Wind

Everyone played in this session you received 1135 XP each.

Regrouping at the pythoness house, AG 18 immediately set out to track down Nicalon, who had stolen the Hand of Danar, which is the key to the Banewarrens.

Cheva and Yarkblar went back to the Griffon, where you had first met Nicalon. He was nowhere to be found but the watch showed up asking about AG18 and a break-in at the Vladaam estate.

Thinking Nicalon might have used to key to enter the Banewarrens or more likely sold it to someone who did, Cheava and Symba went to check on Kalrecent, the Paladin, and his squire who were guarding the sealed door in the Banewarrens.

Unfortunately, someone had returned to the Banwarrens. Kalrecent and his squire were dead and Kalrecent appeared to have his brain eaten out. Most likely by a mindflayer.

Raising the squire from the dead, you discovered that a group of monsters, including a mind-flayer, an ogre, spiders, and “spider people” had attacked them. During the fight, a woman with dark skin and four werewolves had used the key and slipped through the door. Seems like another group of Pactlords are trying to get into the sealed door.

Entering the Banewarrens past the sealed door, you encountered numerous traps and many of the banewarrens guardians. Moving through the warrens and using tracking, you were able to determine that the pactlords came and left, leaving a gnoll and dire ape to guard the entrance, but the woman and werewolves had pushed further into the dungeon.

You discovered the woman, who turned out to be Navanna Vladaam, conversing with someone or something in one of the rooms deep in the Warrens. You were noticed by the werewolves before you could discover anymore. During the fight, a green hag appeared and grabbed the key away from Navanna. AG18 was able to defeat the Hag, as well as Navanna and her werewolves. As Cheva prepared to finish off Navanna once and for all she said she knew where his sister was located.

You finally have the banewarrens key and two different people willing to pay you for it. Jevica Nor of the Inverted Pyramid wants you to find they key, though she didn’t necessarily say that she wanted it. You suspect that she wants you to find the sealing rod and reseal the banewarrens. Right now your only lead is that the sealing rod is somewhere deeper in the Banewarrens.

Brother Heth, of the church of Lothian, wanted you to find the key and bring it to him. Most likely to keep it away from anyone who would use it to unseal the warrens further. Unfortunately, the Banewarrens are now unsealed.