Ptolus 4E

Ptolus Session 20

1338 xp each.

Everyone but Symba played.

In this session the group had quite a few leads to follow-up.

You have, for now, convinced Phon to stay in the Chapel of St. Gustov in Midtown with Brother Fabitor.

You were able to contact Naven Blueflight, owner of the Pythoness house. He stated that he would give the house to whoever could beat him in a game of Dragonscales.

  • Dragonscales
  • Int based skill
  • Can gain a +2 by playing regularly in taverns and bars.
  • Can use a feat to gain a +5.
  • To beat Naven is a Skill Challenge, you must pass 5 Dragonscales skill checks before failing three to defeat him.

You traveled back down to the Banewarrens and read the scroll given to you by Brother Heth. Brother Heth is the head priest of the Lothian temple in Rivergate. After reading the scroll you discovered that the sealed door can only be opened by Danner himself, the creator of the Banewarrens. House Vladaam has his mummified hand, though they do not realize that this is what it is for.

You contacted Nicalon Regelis, a member of the Knights of the Chord, and former enforcer of House Vladaam. He told you that he had seen such an item in the vaults below the main house in the nobles quarter and that he would lead you to it.

In the house, you encountered many traps, and fought some of the house guards but managed to recover the mummified hand. While escaping you encountered some of the urban werewolves that are allied with House Vladaam led by a fearsome were-tiger. In the ensuing combat, Nicalon pilfered the hand and teleported away. Why he did this is not known.

You managed two rescue two prisoners from the dungeons below the house.

  • Thariad Rivelost is a Half-Elf commoner. He might be willing to work for you at the pythoness house.
  • Degar Ravenspell is a 5th Level Wizard and is willing to help you in whatever way he can. Currently, he needs to recover from being tortured by the Vladaams.