Ptolus 4E

Ptolus Session 19

Everyone but Elanna played you got 1900 XP each.

Also everyone gets an extra 183 xp. I forgot to give you the XP for the traps in the last adventure.

In this session the group tracked Phon back to the Surgeon in the Shadows Lair in the sewers of Ptolus. After fighting through Shader-Kai guards and 2 horrific chaositech monstrosities, AG18 faced the Surgeon himself. The Surgeon proved to be a very tough opponent who teleported after fighting the adventurers to a standstill. The group was able to rescue Phon and return with her to the city.

Unfortunately, this leave a few unanswered questions:

How was Shilukar involved? Was someone trying to kill Phon again or was he simply taking revenge on the group? And how did Shilukar survive anyway?