Ptolus 4E

Ptolus Session 17

Everyone played and you received 620 XP each.

In this session, the adventurers finished up their exploration of the breached area of the Banewarrens. The group found Kalrecnt, the paladin of Lothian, hiding in one of the rooms. He had been investigating reports of underground digging and monsters in the area. He had fought that same group of Pactlords that AG18 had dispatched in the last session. Kalrecent and his squire had attacked them when the pactlord attempted to gain entry to the large banewarrens vault door. Kalrecent was able to shut the vault door and fend off the Pactlord however his squire was killed in the process and a medusa slipped through the vault door and deeper into the Banewarrens.

The group took Kalrecent and his dead squire back to Brother Fabitor at the temple of Lothian in Midtown. After hearing the story and raising Kalrecent Squire, Bother Fabitor asked you to come to the main Lothian Temple and report to the head preists about the Banewarrens.

The priests (and one mage) of Lothian listened to the group’s report. They are very concerned about the openign of the Banewarrens. They have asked AG18 to head back to the Banewarrens and read a ritual divination scroll near the vault door to see what can be found out about the Banewarrens. QUEST ( I believe they agreed to pay you 2000 gp for this.)

The group had also been retained by Jevicca Nor of the inverted pyramid to investigate if the Banewarrens had been opened and who opened it. The answers being “yes” and “it was the Pactlords.” Jevicca wants the Banewarrens resealed, but that’s easier said than done. See says there is a key somewhere in Ptolus that will open the Banewarrens vault door. For right now, she simply wants the group to find this key. She also said that yes, the Banewarrens can be resealed. To do this, the group has to find the sealing rod. QUEST (Jevica will create you a 2000gp magic item or give you a 2000gp discount on a more expensive item.)

Using Ptolus Knowledge, Streetwise, and Insight the group discovered all the following:

  • House Vladaam has the Banewarrens Key
  • The sealing rod was in the possession of Malkith when he was destroyed, it may very well be deeper in the Banewarrens.
  • Nicalon Regelis, a member of the “Knight of the Chord” is a former House Vladdaam Enforcer and may be able to help you get the key from the Vladaam’s.
  • A number of the group reasons to not like house Vladaam for other reasons. Exploiting those will earn bonus xp.

Before the group could act on an of these leads, Apostle received a note.

“I hope your friend enjoys her trip to the Surgeon. – Shilukar”

Apostle quickly discovered that her friend Phon Quartermain is missing. Through judicious use of streetwise, the group was able to surmise that she has probably been taken to the “Surgeon in the Shadows,” a choaitech surgeon. The surgeon in the shadows implants chaositech in peopel for a fee. It’s also rumored that man of his “customers” are unwilling and he is simply using them for Chaositech experiments. In any case, with Shilukar involved, (wasn’t he dead?) it’s unlikely Phon went to the surgeon herself. The surgeons lair is rumored to be in the sewers underneath Ptolus. Rescuing Phon is also a Quest

The swords of Ptolus are providing more abilities now.

Deceit can change into a ranged weapon or back into a melee weapon once per day. Deceit raised it’s reflex bonus from +1 to +2.

Power raised it’s Fortitude Bonus from +1 to +2.

Insight raised it’s Will Bonus from +1 to +2.