Ptolus 4E

Ptolus Session 14

Everyone but Symba played.

Each character receives 525 xp.

The session started out with the adventurers making deals for some of the magic items they acquired last session. The magic armor was purchased outright by the Bull and Bear Armory. The flaming flame was put on commission at Rastor’s weapons. The anglebane weapons were turned over to the Malkuth of the Pale tower for a future favor. The other weapons of Chaos were given to Cheva to be sold in the Dark Market.

While running around making deals for the items, the group encountered people who seemed to be inflicted with random magic powers. An orc suddenly burst into flames, a woman floated 20 feet up in the air, a man started shooting lightning out of his eyes, and a dwarf was randomly summoning spirits.

The party was able to determine that a nearby Drow was causing the problems and engaged him. Fater a short battle, the Drow was captured. He claimed to be Tavin Zith, self proclaimed avatar of chaos, and that he had been trapped in a prison called the Banewarrens by a cleric named Danar. He also had no knowledge of recent events or even the city of Ptolus.

Before much more could be gotten out of Zith, AG 18 was contacted by Jevica Nor, a mge of the inverted pyramid. Her message said that she wished to speak with the characters about Tavin Zith.

The group met Jevicca at the Ghostly Minstrel and she filled them in on the Banewarrens. Long ago, thousands of years, a good cleric named Danar Rotansin began collecting evil artifacts, spells, curses, diseases, even creatures and storing them in a special prison. He called these itms of evil “Banes” and the prison, the Banewarrens. Unfortunately for Danar, he was ultimately corrupted by the concentrated evil of the Banewarrens, mostly by a powerful artifact known as the “Book of Inverted Darkness.”

Danar became Eslathagos Malktih, “the Dread One.” He constructed Jabel Shammar, a fortress over the Banewarrens and used the power of the Banes to conquer most of the world. The concentrated evil of Malkith and the Banes was so great that the earth itself rebelled and thrust Jabel Shammar away from the earth creating the impposbily large spire that looms over Ptolus to this day. Jabel Shammar still sits at the top of the spire.

Malkith was eventually defeated and the Banewarrens resealed. (That’s a whole nother story.)

NOTE: More recently (a few hundred years ago)Ghuul, the skull king, declared himself as Eslathagos Malktih returned. He built a fortress halfway up the spire known as Goth Gulgamel. He was also defeated, but that’s a different story.

Jevica told you that Tavin Zith was originally imprisoned in the Banewarrens and that if he has escaped, then either the Banewarrens have become unsealed or someone has broken in to them. She offered you 850gp each to find out what was going on. MAJOR QUEST worth bonus xp. She also revealed to the group that Tavin had emerged from a cellar in Old Town.

On leaving the Ghostly Minstrel, Apostle was stopped by an acolyte of Lothian saying that Brother Fabitor of St. Gustav’s Chapel, wished to speak with her.

Brother Fabitor explained that the Paladin, Kalrecent and his squire had been investigating monster activity in Old Town and have disappeared. Using divinations he was able to determine that their disappearance had something to do with Tavin Zith. He offered 2000 gp to you to bring back Kalrecent. MAJOR QUEST worth bonus xp.

Upon reaching the cellar where Tavin Zith Emerged from the adventurers encounters a large group of Orcs guarding the cellar. After defeating the orks, the group noticed that each of the orcs had a ring bonded to the bone of thier finger. Apostle was able to determine that the orks were part of the group known as the Pactlords of Quann. A monster-terrorist organization that seeks to wipe out all non-monster humanoid life.