Ptolus 4E

Ptolus Session 13

The group, now known, at least “unofficially” as Adventurers Guild 18, completed their quest to find Nervans All Key and unlock the demon bound chest.

They entered the basement using the chaos key they had found in the last session. Descending into the basement of the pythoness house, they discovered a strange membrane blocking further passage. After much discussion, they cut through the membrane to be hit by a frigid blast of cold air.

They entered the basement to find a large wall of ice was blocking their path and a pile of bones in the corner.

They didn’t have too much time to look around before 2 minotaurs burst forth from the ice and the pile of bones began to move and take shape into an undead hill giant.

After defeating the monsters, Elanna proceeded to blast down the ice with scorching burst. The adventures then emerged into an icy cavern filled with frost covered chests and a large sealed door. They rifled through the chests and discovered the Weapons of Chaos

The door was locked, sealed and covered in strange writing. The gist of the writing was ” This vault contains a very powerful weapon of Chaos, don’t open unless you are the high priest.” There was very little pause in opening the door.

Behind the door, the powerful weapon was revealed to be a giant Chaositech hydra! Through some super-tanking by Symba the beast was brought down.

Thinking that opening the vault may have alerted someone, the party decided to rest before emerging from the house. A good choice since they were confronted with a whole band of Tolling Bell cultists as soon as they walked out the front gate.

The cultists proved to be powerful but not unstoppable. Mysteriously, their leader, Wutand,a vested of the Galchutt died in much the same way as Shilukar did in earlier encounter.

(Whew I really gotta do summaries rather than a play-by-play, I’ve written a book today.)