Ptolus 4E

Ptolus Session 13 Session Notes

Everyone played in this session.

Xp is 1235 each which includes the quest xp for obtaining the key and opening the chest.

*IMPORTANT* As I mentioned at the start of the campaign, you have to roleplay buying and selling any magic items. Some of you use the Character Builder to keep track of your characters. It makes it really easy just to buy any magic item you can afford, however most of of the items are not available from the shops in the game. If there is a magic item you want to buy ask me and I’ll let you know if its available. As I said before that shops around Delvers Square almost always have +1 items available.

This goes the same for selling. Some of the items from the Vault of Chaos aren’t very useful to you and you probably want to sell them. However, most of the normal merchants around Delvers square won’t touch evil magic items. That doesn’t mean you can’t sell them, you just have to find the right buyer. Seems like someone has contacts that would help with that…...

The adventure itself is now open for you to see here. Night of Disolution

The items from the Chaos Vault are here. Chaos Vault Items

The items in the chest are here. Chest Items

I forgot to mention last night that the chest also contained 50 vials of Alchemists fire. Why house Vladaam wanted 50 Vials of Alchemists fire, a resist fire shield, and two fire weapons is anyone’s guess.

In addtion to these items you also found * +2 Cloak of resitance * Gloves of Agility * +1 Scale Armor * +1 Mithril Plate Armor

I’m not sure who has those but I’m assuming you guys do.

Power, Deceit, and Insight are very happy with their owners and are granting new powers.

  • Power now grants +1 to Fortitude.
  • Deceit now grants +1 to Reflex.
  • Insight now grants +1 to Will.

You can look at the full stats of the swords here. Swords of Power

All the swords like that the Galchutt was defeated. Power just likes to fight; it’s especially happy about Symba tanking the Chaosamaton. Deceit is almost beside itself about the Neveral’s All-Key. Insight is happy to have discovered a secret vault of chaos items.

Okay last thing, critical hits, seems like there was some confusion last night so here’s how they work.

When you roll a 20 on a “to hit” roll you score a crit. The exception to this is if the only way you could have possibly hit was to roll a 20 then you don’t score a crit.

Crits do max weapon damage, so if your weapon does 1d8+5 then a crit does 13 damage.

If you crit with a magic weapon, and this includes holy symbols and wizard implements, you do additional damage on a crit. Usually 1d6 per “plus” of the weapon. If you crit with a +2 Holy Symbol that does 1d8+7, the crit damage would be 15 (max weapon damage) plus 2d6 for the holy symbol. Some weapons do even more damage when you crit, so check your magic weapons.