Ptolus 4E

Ptolus Session 12

Everyone but Symba played Symba was played as an NPC so receives some xp.

300 xp for Symba. 675 xp for everyone else.

After the defeat of the ratmen and some rest the party continued to explore the maze-like Pythoness house.

A journal written by one of the former mistresses of the brothel was discovered. This journal contained quite of bit of information. It told that the statue of the naked man could be moved but it required a key. Radanna, the other mistress of the house, had hidden one key in her secret crawl space and the other had been given to the “Cobbledman” who lived in the NE tower. The journal also spoke of a “demon” that had been summoned by the chaos cultists.

Exploring further, the party encountered a large group of skeletons led by none other than Radanna herself risen as an evil undead. The skeletons were no match for the one-two punch of Turn Undead and Color Spray and fell easily to the party.

Examining the ceiling in Radanna’s room, Apostle and Cheva managed to set off and nearly be squished by a falling block trap. This however, revealed the entrance to Radanna’s secret crawlspace where the adventurers discovered the hidden treasure of the brothel along with the first half of the key to the lower levels of the house.

Climbing higher up in the manor house the party spotted what they believed to be the “Cobbledman” himself wandering around on a bridge between two of the house’s towers. The Cobbledman appeared to be some kind of Chaositech creation with 3 arms, 2 heads and lots of tubes and wires protruding from his body.

Before engaging the cobbledman, the party decided to explore in open area of the next roof only two discover 2 Hellhounds! The battle with the Hellhounds was joined, much to the annoyance of Symba and Yark who had to wade through fire breath and auras to reach the hellhounds. Unknown to the adventurers, the hellhounds were the watchdogs of the demon who lived in a nearby tower. The demon joined in the battle but all were eventually defeated.

After much discussion of tactics, the party closed to do battle on the bridge with the Cobbledman. Despite his choasitech powers, which left Yark and Symba both stunned and weakened during most of the battle, the abomination fell and the second part of the key was recovered.

Now to enter the basement…..

Pythoness House Map 1

Pythoness House Map 2