Ptolus 4E

Ptolus Session 11

Everyone played in this session.

You got 680 xp each.

Way back in Session Six the players defeated a group of ogres. Who were carrying a large chest. The chest was lock and impossible to open. Through various researches you discovered that an artifact that could unlock any lock was rumored to be in the Pythoness house. A former brothel and chaos cult hideout. The time had come to finally delve into the pythoness house and see what could be found.

At the entrance the players encountered a group of ratmen, who seem to infest any run-down part of Ptolus these days. Despite the ratmen’s love of firearms and bombs and their willingness to use them on anywhere who gets near they were easily defeated.

Venturing further into the house, a statue of a large, obese naked man was discovered. The statue appeared to be able to slide backwards but no amount of force seemed to be able to move it.

Exploring further, the adventures encountered a group of wights, who were the remnants of the long slain prostitutes.

In an abandoned tower, some strange items were discovered, including a jar that may have a soul trapped inside.

The session ended with a climactic battle against the Ratlord leaders of the various rats and ratmen that were infesting the house. A surreal fight as the ratlord leaders were riding giant dire rats, which is kind of like a horse riding a horse.