Ptolus 4E

Current Status

AG 18 is both rich and somewhat famous from their adventurers in the Banewarrens. Among the adventurers of Ptolus the group is well known. At the Ghostly Minstrel, AG18 has joined the ranks of the “famous adventures” and rarely have to buy their own drinks.

In the city at large, “the heroes who sealed the Banewarrens” are known but not usually by name.

The Delvers guild has now raised the status of all members of AG18 from “Guildsman” to “Master Delver” This includes Aurora. The fact that she wasn’t previously a member of the Delvers guild seems not to bother them in the least.

When the assembled Staff of Shards was used to to destroy the Sealing Rod and Banewarrens key it was not completely destroyed. The remaining piece of the Staff of Shards functions as a Rod of Wonder. (It’s just too cool to let go.)

AG18 has agreed the help Cheava in his endeavor to take over the organized crime elements in the city. Yarkblar also expressed a desire to bring about the downfall of House Vladaam, since the two goals are likely to intersect.

Ellanna, Apostle, and Jevicca Nor have performed the ritual to remove the curse from the Sword of Lies. Again making it into the Sword of Truth. Stats on the sword of Truth are forthcoming.

Jevicca would rather that AG18 left the sword in the Banewarrens but accepts this as a reasonable alternative.

Additionally, Jevicca has extended an invitation to Ellanna to apply for membership in the inverted pyramid.

The Church of Lothian is now ambivalent to AG18. The high temple is not happy that their Avenger is dead and that they do not have the Sword of Truth. The clerics in the other temples have mixed feelings. Brother Fabitor, the priest of the Midtown church (and a former adventurer), supports you completely, saying you “Stuck it to the old codgers in the high temple.” Other priests have less positive views.

Ag 18 has a large number of evil magic items pulled from the Banewarrens that need to be disposed of in some way.

Power, Insight, and Deceit are artifacts. Artifacts only remain with a wielder until they feel they have fulfilled their goals. With the sealing of the Banewarrens Power and Insight feel they have helped Symba and Apostle as much as they can.

Power was very pleased with Symba. When the sword moves on it permanently raises Symba’s STR by one point and permanently adds 1 to his Fortitude defense.

Insight was also very pleased raises Apostle’s WIS by 1 and permanently adds one to her Will Defense.

Deceit does not move on it seems happy where it is.

The date is now the third of Rain as AG18 prepares to reenter the Dark Reliquary and rescue Callista, Cheava’s Sister.

You can purchase any magic item of Level 12 or lower that you can afford. Jevicca will have the Dreaming Apothecary create one level 13 magic item for each member.