Ptolus 4E

Crime in Old Town (Sessions 39-40)

After an extended break AG 18 returns to adventure in Ptolus.

In search of the location of the Drow city that contains the dreaming stone AG 18 becomes embroiled in a turf war between the rival criminal organizations on the Old town district. The urchins who work for Cheava and the street children that Apostle shepherds are turning up missing. Investigating the disappearances, the group discovers that Thuella, the local Killraven boss, is both kidnapping the children and waging an all out war against Lerthan Dengstrom, the Balcazar crime boss. Lerthan has sought refuge with AG18 and swears to introduce them to the Balcazar boss if they will protect him from Thuella’s retribution.

AG 18 is lured into an ambush by Thuella using the kidnapped children. Thuella, who turns out to be a were-spider is killed in the battle. AG18 captures one of her underlings and learns that her base is the brothel and gambling hall called the white house.

Investigating the white house, the group discovers a portal that leads to the dungeons beneaht the city. They discover that the lich, Agga-Shan, is the real power behind Thuella and he is kidnapping children for vile experiments and constructing a machine to draw in all of the shadow energy produced by in Ptolus. Ag 18 defeats the lich’s minions, destroys the shadow engine and dispatches the lich. The lich’s phylactery is nowhere to be found though, so AG 18 knows they will have to face him again.

Elanna, Apostle, Cheava, and Yarkblar all participated in this adventure. Each gained 9750 xp.

At the conclusion of the adventure, Lethran is true to his word and introduces the adventurers to Malkeen Balcazar. Malkeen is impressed with the adventurers and makes Cheava the new local crime boss of old town. Malkeen’s vampire bodyguard disposes of the traitorous Lurthan, who had planned to turn the district over to Killraven in exchange for his life.