Ptolus 4E

Campaign End

This campaign has now ended.

AG-18 is now the most famous adventuring company in the history of Ptolus. You started out looking for Cheava’s sister, Callista. When you finally found her you discovered her memory had been clouded by the elder gods to hide something. In order to restore Callista’s memory you contacted the ancient elven spirit known as the dream king. He told you in order to restore Callista’s memory he needed 2 objects, the cask of frozen dreams, and the dreaming stone. Many long adventures were required to recover these two items. After which, you finally found out the secret. The Vallis moon, where the gods had stored the soul of the world is destined to return. When it does the Galchutt, the gods of chaos will be free to wreak havoc on the world. The soul of the world will have to be moved from the Vallis moon to the elven city of Dreta Phantas. Not-coincidentally, the dreaming stone and the cask of frozen dreams is exactly what the dream king needed to break the Drow spell that had kept Dreata Phantas trapped in the Underdark for the last thousand years. The city is now restored to the surface, the Vallis moon has not yet returned. No one knows when it will…..

Apostle is now considered one of the living saints of Lothain. Many pilgrims, clerics and Paladins come to hear her teachings.

Cheava is now the undisputed crime-boss of Old City, with power rivaling that of Malkeen Balcazaar, the head of the Balcazaar crime family.

Elanna is one of the most powerful mages in Ptolus. She sits on the secret council of mages that guides the inverted pyramid. She is often in contact with Ril, the lady of Castle Shard. Rumors abound that Elanna will be the next lady of the Shard.

Grawl has attracted her own band of mercenary followers, who she is molding into an effective force to defend your stronghold in old city. Many of the mercenary guilds of Ptolus are courting her for a leadership position.

Yarkblar is now the master monk of Ptolus. Winn Rainbal, after discovering the fate of his wife, retired from training new students and left Yarkblar in charge of his school.

In our nearly 5 year campaign you characters:
Escaped from the Dark Reliquary
Cleared out the infested rat warrens of Old City.
Rescued Phon from the Pale Dogs street gang.
Stopped the Drow mage Shilukar from gaining entry into Castle Shard.
Cleared the Chaos worshipers from the manor house in Old City and established it as your base of operations in the city.
Recovered the fabled Swords of Ptolus.
Cleared out and resealed the legendary Banewarrens.
Raided the dungeons of the Dark Reliquary and rescued Callista.
Entered and cleared out Goth Gugamel in search of a way to restore Callista’s memory.
Stopped a gang war in Old City and took control of the local underworld.
Rescued another team of guild members from the labyrinth beneath Ptolus.
Rescued Phon and her child from the child’s father, Helmut Issentien, who had turned to Chaos worship.
Ventured into the underdark and stole the dreaming stone from the Drow city of Ul-Drakken.
Explored Jabel Shammar, the fortress of the Dread One and recovered the cask of frozen dreams.
Defeated the resurgent spirit and the Dread One and the Book of Inverted Darkness.

I have opened up the campaign archive so you can look at anything you wish.
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