The Tower of Blashpemy

Arrive on the bridge between the Tower of Malignancy and Blasphemy.
All turning attempts at -4.
History DC 30 to get info on the tower of Blasphemy

Level 1

Passive Insight of 24 to notice Illusion
5d10 Damage

Nightcrawler in the pit – Use purple worm tunnler – undead – can be turned – vulnerable to radiant 10

Level 2

Magical Darkness
Vats of Shadow
Arcana DC 34 to read verse

Level 3
Arcana and History DC 30 to discover what unfinished lance is for.

Level 4
Corruption points for drinking from font or studying the mural too much.

Level 5
Symbols of Pain Detect 33 Disable 34 22 vs Will 4d10+7 Damage
Cut off from the gods
Powers with Divine keyword will not function.
Turn Undead will not function

Beams of light 3d6+8 Damage, lose highest level divine power (daily/encounter)

6 Level 16 Royal Mummys – 16,800 xp
10 Level 14 Mummy Tomb Guardians – 10000 xp

Cloak or resistance +5
Staff of Ruin +5
28,000 gp gems/jewelery
Scroll with the Boon of Truth – Permanently raises healing Surge by 2.

The Tower of Blashpemy

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