Swords of Ptolus

  • Guild house of Iron (Guildsman 48 BB 186)
    • Swords Ptolus (Guildsman 49 BB 187)
    • Spyncer Coil (PT 5 BB 410-411)
    • Hadrian Runihan/Balcazars are looking for Spyncer Coil (Guildman District 57 BB 195)
    • Keris Kilraven
    • House Katru
    • Kaira Swanwing ( BB PT3 125)
    • Knights of the Golden Cross
    • Mand Scheben/Temple of Asche (BB 378, PT 5 108)

Players dream about Swords

Contacted by Mand Scheben

  • Been Dreaming about Sword and the Characters
  • The Swords are a prophecy from Asche God of Cities
  • Spyncer Coil must be found
  • He may be disturbed Asche is not a gentle god.
  • Don’t kill him capture him, he is a prophet of Asche.
  • Others are probably looking for him.

Streetwise /Ptolus Knowledge/Other Skills

  • Spycer Coil is a blacksmith who works for the Iron Workers guild
  • He was committed to the Darkbirth Madhouse for a time.
  • Has been seen with Kalbert Nom and Lirion Voss.
  • Kalbert is a renowned weaponsmith who creates Magical Weapons.
  • He lives in the Guildsman district and is also a member of the Ironworkers guild.

Lirion Voss is a member of the Pale Dogs. He lives somewhere in the Warrens.

Veda Medaris at the Iron Workers Guild knows everything. Including the location of Deceit.

Spyncer has the Sword Insight.

The Skulks have Power and are preparing to sell it the Balcazars agent. Hadrian Runihan.

Either Spyncer or the Sorn survivors can tell the characters about the deal with the Skulks and Rhunihan.

It didn’t actually play out this way. The players ended up finding out about the the deal from a skulk who was a friend of Mand Scheben.

Encounter 1

Pale Dogs and Spyncer at the Safe house in the Warrens (#323 L7)

Level 4 Encounter (850)

  • 2 Dragonborn Soldier (400)
  • 6 Human Lackeys (450)

Encounter 2

After the fight with the Pale Dogs (Sorn Assassais)

Level 5 Encounter (875)

  • 1 Gnome Arcanist (150)
  • Tiefling Heretic (250)
  • Shader-Kai Witch (300)
  • 1 Human Mage (175)

Encounter 3

The Skulks and Rhunihan at the Warehouse

Level 6-7 Encounter (1500)

4 Skulks (Specters 700)


Level 8 Elite Controller (800)

  • Immune Disease Poison
  • Resist Necrotic 5
  • Vulnerable Radiant 10
  • Saving Throws +2
  • Init 4
  • Action Points: 2
  • Hit Points:220
  • AC: 23
  • Reflex 26
  • Will 24
  • Fort 28

Attack vs Ac 13

Attack Vs Other: 10

Blood Drain (standard, encounter; recharges when an adjacent creature becomes bloodied)
  • Healing
  • Requires combat advantage.
  • 10 vs. Fortitude; 2d10+ 5, and the target is weakened
  • (save ends), and the vampire lord heals hit points equal to
  • one-quarter of its normal total.

Melee Power at will

  • Daggerwand 13 vs AC 1d10 + 7 Target is weakened (Save Ends)
  • Rhunien heals equal to damage done.

Dominating Gaze (minor, recharge 6) ✦Charm

  • Ranged 5; 10 vs. Will; the target is dominated (save
  • ends, with a –2 penalty to the saving throw). Aftereffect:The target is dazed (save ends).
  • The vampire lord can dominate only one creature at a time.

Mist Form (standard; encounter) ✦Polymorph

The vampire lord becomes insubstantial and gains a fly speed of 12, but cannot make attacks. The vampire lord can remain in mist form for up to 1 hour or end the effect as a minor action.

The Swords

Swords of Ptolus

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