Cherubim Elf Wizard

  • Seeking to join the Inverted Pyramid and gain more magic knowledge
  • Is friends with Zeatra another Cherubim Wizard
  • Knows Doraedin Mythlord leader of the Elven community in Ptolus


Minotaur Cleric of Lothian

  • Seeks to spread the word of Lothian
  • Knows Phon Quatermain – a young human girl who befriended Apostle
  • Contacts among the Priests and Members of the Church of Lothian


Teifling Urban Ranger

  • Seeks to learn more of the Crime Syndicates in Ptolus
  • Sister was kidnapped by Demons when she was a child and brought to Ptolus
  • Knows how to enter the Dark Market
  • Contacts in the Vai, an assassins guild


Thri-Kreen Martial Artist

  • Seeking to join the Order of the Fist
  • Knows Mand Scheben, Preist of Asche, God of Cities
  • Has contacts among the Shuul


Litorian Fighter

  • Has a come to Ptolus for his Life Debt
  • Has contacts among the Litorian Community, known as the Mane
  • Has a friend in the Knights of the Pale


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