Phon and the Runebearer

Players need to get info from Adventurers guild about the Dark Elf Underdark ranger. He is under “house arrest” at the crystal castle. Phon is also having her baby. She is not yet in labor but wants to see Apostle. Cheava’s sister says the baby is “important” but she doesn’t know why.

The Drow turns out to be Shilakur. He was infected with Chaositech. Zavere and Rill hunted him down, removed the chaositech and have him under “house arrest.”

Convince the Drow to help them
Level 14 Challenge – 3000 xp
Skill Challenge to convince the Shilakar to lead them to the Drow City and to where the dreaming stone is located.

Diplomacy, Bluff, Intimidate Primary
Insight, Dungeoneering Secondary – One Success only Each.
Any offer of a bribe of magic is worth one Success.

Bribes must be magical not money. He has no use for money.
Insight reveals he really does want to go back to the underdark but can’t do it alone.
With enough successes, will agree to lead the players to the Dreaming Stone if they agree to escort him back to his home. Failures mean that the players must also bribe him with magic. Creative solutions such as putting a geas on him also work.

8 Successes DC 29 counts as 2 successes. DC of 21 counts as one. 3 Failures max , each failure is a magic item them must bribe him with. If 3 failures are reached must bribe with 3 magic items and escort him home. No failures means he will agree with no bribes.

Helmet and his lackeys want Phon’s child. Helmet is the father. The child is a Runebearer. Helmet has sworn to kill all Runebearers as they bring Doom to Ptolus. Cheva’s sister will guard the child with her life. Castle Shard is an obvious place to protect the child and Phone after the battle.

Helmet has already shown up and demanded the child from Father Fabitor. Cheava’s sister warded him off but she was knocked unconscious. Father Fabitor sends a messenger to the players.

The baby is born while they wait for Helmut’s attack. It is a runebearer.

Level 18 Encounter Helmut and Lackeys 8,000 xp
Battleground is St. Gustav’s Chapel Prolus BB Pg 220.
During the battle Apostle is at +1 to all D20 rolls as this is a temple of Lothian.

Encounter outside the church.
Helmet is level 19 Controller (Zaiden, Custom Level 19 Controller 4,800 xp)
2 Level 16 Deathknight Blackgaurd (2800 xp)
2 Level 16 Secret of Vecna (2800 xp)
2 Magic Items as loot

Phon and the Runebearer

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