Jabel Shammar Part One

Skill Challenge to find out how to get into Jabel Shammar

Ptolus Knowledge

DC 23 to Learn the following:
If you fly near it you get disintegrated.
The doors are warded and sealed, no one can open them.
You can’t teleport inside.

DC 33 to learn one of these methods.
3 Methods:
1. Door from the Banewarrens
(That’s probably out, unless they want to reopen the warrens.)

DC 28 to learn more on anyone of these.
2. Banewarrens Key, Paraith’s Mirrored sphere, or the Dread Ones Staff can be used to open a portal at the entropy sphere in Goth Gulgamel.

The Banewarrens key was destroyed when you sealed the Banewarrens.

The Dread One’s Staff as far as anyone knows is IN Jabbel Shamar.

Raquael has Parnaith’s Mirrored Sphere. He is unlikely to give it up, since he is the one who kidnapped Callista in the first place.

3. Spell from Alchestrin’s Tomb.
DC 28 to find out about Alchestrin.
Short Adventure to recover the spell. Also will free Wynn Rainball’s lost companion.

Enter the Necropolis

Encounter C4 Tomb of Horrors – Evil Adventurers set to raid the tomb themselves.

Encounter C1 Tomb of Horrors

Treasure – Blink RingLevel 22 Uncommon

This adamantine ring moves from finger to finger, much in the same way that you can move from place to place while wearing it.

Ring Slot 325,000 gp

You gain a +3 item bonus to Thievery checks.
Power (Teleportation) Daily (Minor Action)

Teleport 1d4 squares.

Sustain Minor: Teleport 1d4 squares at the start of your turn.

If you’ve reached at least one milestone today, you do not need to use a minor action to sustain the item’s effect.

Jabel Shammar Part One

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