Insight seeks increase the knowledge of its wielder by revealing the secrets of Ptolus. Like all the swords it also seeks to further the growth of Ptolus, and defeat the Galchutt and their servants. Insight favors the common people and citizens of Ptolus. Insight’s “inner voice” is that of a scholarly sage.

  • +2 Longsword
  • Enhancement: Hit and Damage Rolls
  • +2d6 on Crit
  • Daily Power: Use the Consult Mystic Sages Ritual
  • No Components Required
  • The question must pertain to Ptolus
  • Insight is used instead of Relgion
  • Encounter Power: Insight becomes any 1 Handed melee weapon.

Insight grants further powers depending on how pleased it is with its current owners actions.

Currently it is providing:
+2 to Insight
+1 Will Defense


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