Goth Gulgamel

Room 1

Evil creatures +8 Vs Will or lose a healing surge.

Room 2

Athletics or Acrobatics of 20 or suffer 3d6 damage from razorwire.

Room 3

Chimeras have been killed by Umber Hulks. Dungeoneering check of 30 to determine.

Room 4-6

No Change

Room 7

Dungeon Delve Encounter 14-1

The Mind Flayer has just finished eating the brains of the warriors. The soul riders are deathly afraid of the mind flayers and will try and help the characters. The mind flayre carries a non-magical scepter worth 12k gold.

Room 8

No Change

Room 9

1d6 Cold Damage per round.

Room 10

No Change

Room 11

Dungeon Delve Encounter 14-2

Idol of the Ageless titan is key to opening a portal from area 23 to area 24.

Cloak of Survival +3

Room 12

Transportation mural could is a teleportation circle.

Room 13

No Change

Room 14

  • Level 14 Encounter (XP 4,800)
  • 2 salamander firetails (level 14 skirmisher)
  • 3 fire archon emberguards (level 12 brute)
  • 1 redspawn firebelcher (level 12 artillery)

Room 15


Room 16

Vault Door, Imitation of a Banewarrens Vault

  • Lock Dc 28
  • Arcane Lock DC 28
  • Poison Spike Trap
  • Spot Dc 24
  • Disable DC 38
  • +10 Vs Reflex or fall in pit 5d6+10 Damage
  • Poison +15 vs Fortitude 5d6 damage and ongoing 10

Lenses of the Utterdark

The lenses of the Utterdark allow the wearer to see in any darkness including UtterDark, however when worn the user is completly blind in normal light.

A Window of Escape is installed in the wall.

A table is covered by a tablecloth that functions as a Diplomats Table

Room 17 – 22

Remove (for now may be back on the next visit to Goth Gulgamel)

Room 23

  • Poison Curtain
  • DC 25 Spot
  • Dc 28 Disable
  • +15 vs fortitude 5d6 and 10 ongoing damage

Upon entering room +13 vs Will or weakened, Save Ends, If save is failed then Immobilized as well.

Dungeon Delve Encounter 14-3

Shadow Hunter Hide Armor +4

Two Potions of Vitality

5,000 gp pearl

Goth Gulgamel

Ptolus 4E rymoore