Demon Queen's Enclave

Traveling the Underdark

Skill Challenge (3500 xp)

One character must make a Dungeoneering Check at 25. Failure everyone loses a healing surge.
May make a History check 22 to give +2 to dungeoneering.
May make a Perception check 22 to give +2 to next endurance.
Everyone must make an Endurance Check at 22. Failure you lose a healing surge.

After first round of rolls
Encounter Lake of Fire (page 6 DQE)
Must make acrobatics or athletics rolls to cross. DC 23 or fly.
Perception checks as well to look out for ambush. DC 24
There is no Ambush but failure means the character thinks there will be an ambush.

Second Set of Skill challenge Rolls.

Come to Large Underground Lake
Possible to ambush the Aboleth Slime Mage Group Sneak and Perception rolls.
7800 xp
Aboleth slime mage (level 17 artillery, MM 8)
+12 and +14 on damage rolls
kuo-toa leviathan (level 15 elite brute, page 149)
-2 all defenses
+12 damage and +10 damage on attacks
water archon tide striders (level 15 skirmisher;
double static damage bonus
aholeth servitors (level 16 minion, MM 9)
no change
Loot:one Magic Item

Third Set of Skill challenge Rolls.
Come to the Mushroom Forest
Perception and Nature Rolls (22) if succeed no Ambush
Drow Encounter Pg 62 Underdark 5,000 xp
Double Static damage mods
Loot is 8400 Gold.

Skill challenge done approach the drow city.

Encounter U1 8,000 xp
Double all static damage bonuses.
Balthrad the Ghoul -2 all defenses.

Remove Encounter L1
Double Static damage
demonweb terror -2 all defs

The Drow City

Demon Queen's Enclave

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